Summary: Looks like the gamers’ paradise is here and now. As Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ and ‘The Call of Duty: WWII’ unpacks one of the exciting news for the fans on September 9th, these two games are offering the players, a chance to play it for the most cutting-edge prices. Not just the retailers, Steam also giveaway a chance to try the games out, all for free. Read further to know more about the massive deals.

Main article – What’s the deal with these discounts?

On Saturday, September 8 the news circulation begin about the massive deal. Both Call of Duty” WWII and the Tom Clancy’s will be available for the most reduced prices. The Division will be available with 70% discount i.e. only 749 INR or $14.99. Whereas the Call of Duty: WWII is getting a cutting-edge discount of straight away 40% i.e. it will be available for 2,399 INR or $35.99. For the games that have always topped out in the favourite lists, the prices are quite a dream-come-true.

Although the players are already enjoying the rebated prices, Steam also brought in another exciting offer that allows users to play both the games for free, this weekend. The idea behind this steaming deal is to let users try out both the games before buying it. Moreover, these most awaited games are also offering discounts on bundles so make sure you check them of duty, divisionThe deal for the Call of Duty: WWII, ends on 11th September. Meanwhile the same goes for the Tom Clancy’s The Divison. Click on the links to check out the games on steam.

Even after the weeks of phenomenal sales, big retailers do not seem to be taking any break. Of course, all these are a part of their marketing strategies, but pretty sure the nostalgia kicks in very hard. Perhaps you can even have a look at the futuristic mechs and enhance your gaming experience as well. To buy these games from the official game store, click here. Or you can save more through the eBay deals. Right here.

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