WhatsApp Might Start Displaying Ads Inside the Status Tab

The good old add-free days of WhatsApp are about to finish!

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It looks like the good old add-free days of WhatsApp is about to change. Thanks to its parent company Facebook, WhatsApp users might start experiencing Ads soon. And this might become a reality very soon as WhatsApp is already working to implement Ads in its iOS app, reports our friends at WABetaInfo.

The Facebook Story

WhatsApp is probably the only company which kept its word of providing a great user experience till now. Its founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton were always against ads in order to provide the users a clutter-free experience. However, after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, things began to change.

Since the acquisition which happened nearly about five years ago, Facebook has tried to monetize the instant messaging app many times. Although till now it never happened as the founders of WhatsApp were always against it. But now as they have left the company it is going to happen sooner or later.

Both the founders believe that if ads will come to the platform it will not be good towards the privacy of the users. In an interview with Forbes Brian said,

I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day

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Where will the Ads Come Up?

For now, it looks like WhatsApp ads will start showing up in the status tab. Just like it happens in another Facebook-owned social media site Instagram. While you’ll keep scrolling through the statuses by your friends and family some random ad will come in between statuses.

It will still be okay if the ads will only display in the status tab but if Facebook goes one step forward and start displaying ads inside chats it will really be a mess and might also result in privacy breach.

Ironically, WhatsApp got so much success due to its ad-free policy. There are many instant messaging apps which display ads and that really looks like a clutter. It is to be seen how the users respond to Facebook’s monetizing strategy.

When are the Ads Coming to WhatsApp?

Currently, it is unknown when will the ads roll out. However, it is confirmed that the change will be on their server side. As the works have already begun you might experience ads in coming weeks in the iOS app. For now, Android users have some time before ads start showing up. Although it may not take much time for the ads to come to Android once the iOS version of WhatsApp becomes monetized.

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