Xiaomi Announced its Own Vending Machine for Selling Smartphone and Accessories- Mi Express Kiosks


Xiaomi is currently the number one smartphone brand in India. Therefore, the company is constantly coming with some innovative ideas to prove its worth. On Monday, Xiaomi announced it will be opening Mi Express Kiosks across India. The new Mi Express Kiosks from Xiaomi will basically act as a vending machine for the company’s product. This vending machines will allow consumers to purchase Xiaomi smartphones and mobile accessories directly. Mi Express Kiosks are specially designed to accept all sort of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and UPI. This will eliminate any hassle of purchasing Xiaomi products and customers can get the product within a few minutes directly.

Mi Express Kiosks – Xiaomi’s Smartphone Vending Machine

The new vending machine idea of Xiaomi can completely change the retail system of smartphones in India.  Therefore, with this new innovative retail model, Xiaomi takes the cake away from its competitors and can expand its offline presence even more. The Mi Express Kiosks will definitely eliminate the operational and cost inefficiencies for the consumers as well. A touch screen on the machine will be the medium of interaction. Then the customer can select the product through it and proceed for payment.vending machine, Mi Express Kiosks

Xiaomi also promised that the machine will also provide the latest smartphones. In addition, Mi Fans will get everything at honest pricing, similar to the Mi Homes and Mi.com. Furthermore, it would be available between 10 am to 8 pm in India, with staff available to help the customers during those hours.

Mi Express Kiosks Availability

The first Mi Express Kiosk was set up in Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru and Xiaomi’s office in Embassy Tech Village (ETV). The company is planning to expand it further in the coming months and it will be available gradually across India. Xiaomi plans to expand this across metro cities in public areas with greater footfall such as tech parks, metro stations, airports, and shopping malls.

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