Monday, August 26, 2019
WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp Feature: Added Ability To Unsend Sent Messages

This time WhatsApp is rolling out an update that will introduce a much-anticipated feature.The new WhatsApp feature is: Delete for everyone. The feature is the most requested ones and is likely to make...
WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta Received Its Own Set Of Emojis

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has released a WhatsApp beta version of its new emoji set for Android devices. The new WhatsApp emojis are available in latest beta version 2.17.363 for Android users. If you're an iOS user, you might...
WhatsApp Tricks

How to Text Someone Who has Blocked You on WhatsApp?

Ever got blocked on WhatsApp by someone? Today, we will show how you can send messages through WhatsApp even though that person has already blocked you. How to Text A Person Who...
how to change folder color in windows

How to Change Folder Color in Windows?

Ever felt bored seeing the same old Windows yellowish folders? Have you ever questioned yourself How to change folder color in Windows? Yes, or No whatever the answer is, you'll surely want to...
WhatsApp update

New WhatsApp Update – Everything You Need to Know

WhatsApp will soon provide us the colorful text status feature in a future WhatsApp update. WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to post status updates with...
WhatsApp update

Upcoming WhatsApp Updates! – Everything you need to Know

We all know that WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. To maintain its position the company is adding new features frequently. Recently WhatsApp received an update to support sending...
iTunes is coming to Windows Store

Microsoft Announces that iTunes is coming to Windows Store

Today, on the 2nd day of Build 2017 Microsoft announced that iTunes is coming to Windows Store. This is pretty unexpected and after another famous app Spotify, iTunes will be a big...


Intel and AMD partnered to challenge NVIDIA

Intel and AMD: The two biggest chip manufacturers and also two bitter rivals are shaking hands in order to challenge Nvidia. Intel and AMD...

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