For the first time, Netflix is no longer the highest grossing non-gaming app. Netflix remained on top consistently since late-2016 but not anymore as the dating app Tinder took the first spot now. According to the reports, Tinder grossed $260.7 million from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, while Netflix revenues dropped 15 percent since the last quarter to reach $216.3 million. However, Tinder maintained its quarter-on-quarter revenues by a healthy 42 percent.

How Tinder dethroned Netflix?

The main reason behind Netflix’s loss because of its decision to stop paying ‘Apple tax’. Therefore, Netflix doesn’t allow new users to sign up and subscribe to its service through its iOS application. So new users have to go to the Netflix website and log in before using it on mobile devices. This move said to cost Apple hundreds of millions in revenue per year as Netflix had been the world’s top-earning non-gaming app. But this move from the streaming giant also harmed its own business as well.

Notably, Netflix lost almost $39.4 million from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019 globally because of fewer app subscriptions renewals from the Apple app store. Whereas, Tinder’s revenue climbed up consistently. It offers both free and subscription-based service. The subscription driven service, Tinder Gold also managed to attract Indian youths as it is the top-grossing app on Play Store in India. Though Tinder doesn’t share country-specific details, it claims to have now 3 million Tinder Gold subscribers globally with 1.7 million subscribers from last year.

Interestingly, Tinder is not in the top ten list in terms of downloads whereas apps like TikTok and Netflix belongs to that list. But still, it managed to dethrone Netflix in terms of revenue.

So this 2019, it will be very safe to say that people are more inclined towards finding love rather “Netflix and chill”.

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