Slow motion – The Origins?

Slow Motion Origins

Ever wonder why we are trying to improve our smartphone cameras even after reaching to a certain level but we are always improvising. Some people will say to get up to the DSLR level photos but the truth is we are always comparing this level to our eyes because it is the ultimate camera one can ever have but today we are gonna discuss a vital feature of every smartphone camera that is the slow motion. If we think deeply we implement only some real life things that can be done more efficiently through the technology.

What if I say that this slow motion technology actually exists in our everyday life? If I say small animals see the world in slow motion?

TIME FLIES (BUT NOT IF YOU’RE A FLY) To a fly, an incoming swat appears to move in slow motion That’s because flies process about four times more visual information per second than humans do—they see 250 frames per second to our 60.Scientists who study how animals perceive the world found that small animals perceive time at high resolution and to us, their vision would look like a slow motion movie. And as for flies, their slow motion sight means that when they see us attempting to swat them, they have plenty of time to get out of the way.

If someone watched the Matrix movie series the will get it.

Some facts**

  1. A fly can take in up to 7 times more audio and visual info per second than human.
  2. In a particularly dangerous or stressful situation, our perception of time seems to slow.

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