AR Emoji is not a Copy of Apple’s Animoji – Samsung

Samsung Says AR Emoji is not a Copy of Apple's Animoji

Samsung AR Emoji

Samsung launched its Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ yesterday at MWC 2018. It seems many of the smartphone users have liked the duo as it has some new and amazing features. And a great design. But there are many users who are saying that AR Emoji offering on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ appears to have been inspired by Apple’s Animoji feature, Samsung is refuting this allegation.


Samsung AR Emoji

Recently, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh stated that the AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9 series wasn’t an idea copied from Apple. Adding to this he said that he had personally looked into animated 3D emoji characters. Sometime way back in 2001 for flip phones. He said “Their (Apple’s) approach and my approach is totally different,” Koh told the newspaper, adding, “. I do work seriously based on my own roadmap.”

The event last night showed the way The company is planning to hit Apple and especially take on the iPhone X. It mocked the notch on the iPhone X and showed why it opted for a fingerprint scanner on the back. Which has been repositioned to avoid accidental touches on the primary lens of the Galaxy series flagships.

Samsung also said, “We’ve created a design so sleek and unified, you can hardly tell where the screen ends. And as always, you know, there’s no notch.” Samsung said that they provided a Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy S9 family as it is one of the “most popular ways to unlock our phones” and of course, isn’t something that can be replaced with a facial recognition feature, pointing tongue-in-cheek to Face ID.

How Samsung’s AR Emoji is different from Apple’s Animoji

The main difference in AR Emoji is that it allows you to create your virtual avatar. In the form of a 3D image that you can use as an emoji. There are 18 different options that you can pick to customize your avatar and share with other users. You can share to any other user who owns smartphones other than the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. Whereas Animoji characters are so far exclusive to iPhone X users. Also, Animoji, on the other hand, maps your facial expressions using the TrueDepth camera system of the iPhone X to create custom animated characters that are not human faces but options such as the recently announced lion, dragon, skull, or bear.

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