Aircel is going through difficult times as we all know the company filed bankruptcy at NCLT. If we see the last year December stat, Aircel had nearly 85 million users. Now, the customers are completely clueless as many of them couldn’t able to generate porting code because there is no cellular reception. Furthermore, there are customers who used their Aircel number in Aadhar, Bank Account, Gass connection etc. So the mobile number is very important for them. As we mentioned earlier, several users are facing no signal issues. So there is no way they can send the message to request Aircel porting code.Aircel Porting Code

Since we can’t predict the future of Aircel, it’s better to port out now. So here is the process to generate Aircel porting code manually from online.

How to Generate Aircel Porting Code Online?

Before proceeding, you must know your Aircel SIM Number. However, only last 5 digits will be required. To know your Aircel SIM Number follow these simple steps.

  • Download My SIM Toolkit Manager app from play store
  • After installing, open the app and go to SIM Info
  • Note down the last 5 digits of SIM Serial Number

**Note: Put the Aircel SIM in Slot 1 before using the app

Aircel Porting Code

Process 1:

Step 1: Firstly, Visit This Aircel UPC Generation Page by clicking here:

Step 2: After successfully opening the page you’ll be presented with two fields.

  • Customer Mobile Number
  • SIM Number (Last 5 Digit) Aircel Porting Code

Fill out the details correctly and click on the Generate UPC button to get the Aircel porting code.

**Note: You may get an error while Opening The webpage as there is a high number of requests so keep trying by refreshing the webpage.

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Process 2:

If Aircel Online UPC Code Generation page doesn’t respond at all after several attempts, only then try this.

Step 1: Visit this link-

Step 2: You’ll be presented with three fields.

  • Customer Mobile Number
  • SIM Number (Last 5 Digit) 
  • Select CircleAircel Porting Code

Step 3: After filling out all the details correctly, click on the Generate UPC button. The Aircel porting code will be shown right below.

**Note: Link on the process 2 is not official and we don’t know the proper origin. Always Prefer the process 1 as it is a Genuine link from Aircel.

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