Here’s what the new Gmail looks like – Everything You Need to Know About the Gmail Redesign!

new Gmail

Yesterday, Google finally confirmed that a new, redesigned version of Gmail is on the way for a public release. Now we have already seen few drafts and concepts nearly a year ago from now. However, after yesterday’s news, everything is crystal clear. According to few sources, the new Gmail design is fast, sleek and responsive than ever. Shortcuts are in the right position, and you will fall in love with the fresh butter smooth UI of the new Gmail web design.

New Modular Sidebar

The key feature of new Gmail design is the modular sidebar. This modular sidebar can integrate with other Google apps such as google sheets. This makes it very efficient for reading and opening documents on the go. Furthermore, there are many other features such as the addition of smart replies and snoozing addition.

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As shown above, the new sidebar allows you to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks app right there in your Gmail dashboard. Now if you want to update your notes or wish to add a reminder about a meeting, then you can do it right there in Gmail. The data will help obviously syn with the Google cloud, and you can see it on your smartphone too.

These fun functionalities can make workflow easier for a lot of people. This is because you don’t actually have to leave your desktop to set reminders, meeting schedules, your to-do list, etc. Everything is possible in Gmail new modular design.

New Revamped Modes

The new Gmail app also lets you choose between different display modes. These modes are based on the spacing between emails. Earlier the only option was compact and cozy. Now, these options are more versatile and more appealing. Also now you can see attachments as default in your Gmail modern dashboard. It is a new mode by Gmail team, which labels the email as Default when there are attachments involved in them.

These features are cool, inst it? Google I/O is just a month away. And Google might release it there for public use.