Is Android Popsicle next? A new Colourful and Tasteful version of Android?

Android Popsicle

Google is currently working on their new Android operating system. And it is probably going to be named after the letter P. Looking at past names. It seems like that it is going to be a dessert food. We already have narrowed down the list of desserts that start from the letter P. The nominees are Pecan, pudding, pie, popsicle, peanut brittle… and the list goes on. This is because there are a lot of tasty desserts on the menu.

There are a lot of tasty foods. Then, of course, there is something old-fashioned which soothes our mind with its cold taste!! It’s Popsicle. Also with few wallpaper leaks which we have seen on internet shines the fact that Google might name its next Android Operating system as Android Popsicle. Google is now working to make the Operating system more colorful and tasteful. With that in mind, Android Popsicle is the perfect name we could think so. However, we are not sure that Google is rowing in the same boat or not.

Popsicle is a trademark name

It is a fact that Google never has or never will move away from these cheeky suggestions. They don’t hold back to tease us a little and then shows up with a completely different name. Well, there aren’t many options left now!! They might change it a little bit, maybe Android pocky for a change?

However, Google might have to do down dirty as Popsicle is a trademark name. And it might be somewhat difficult for Google to use in their new Operating System. However, we have seen many similar cases with Android KitKat and Android Oreo where Google convinced to use those names in their new Operating system. We hope that it goes fluid this time as well.

Now, of course, Popsicles are not a globally recognized term. Perhaps they might need a lot of promotion to cover that. But that’s not an issue as Google is good at marketing its products.

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