Top 5 Announcements from WWDC 2018

Top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018

Top 5 Announcements from WWDC 2018: Apple’s big WWDC 2018 keynote was fantastic! Millions of Apple fans from different corners of the world joined into Apple’s live stream for the event. Everyone was amazed to see what Apple has in mind for its various software platforms in 2018. Apple recently announced their major software updates during WWDC 2018 keynote. Here is everything that happened at WWDC 2018, including product announcements. Bringing you the top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018. We will be talking about the latest iOS release, along with major updates in MacOS, Tv OS, and Watch OS

Top 5 Announcements from WWDC 2018

It is one of the most significant dates in Apple fanbois calender. It is a worldwide developer conference focusing on improving Apple’s hardware and software improvements. This is Apple’s yearly event for software developers. Sometimes Apple also drops hardware products in these events like they did with iPhone SE. But WWDC is on such even where Apple unveils their most prominent software and hardware product announcements.

WWDC 2018 features training, developer workshops, parties and several networking events. However, the big event starts with a keynote speech announcing all the major updates to software running on iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Tv and Mac OS devices.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about what exactly happened at WWDC 2018. We will talk about the top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018. So buckle up your belts because Apple has a lot to feature in this WWDC 2018 event.

Where and When did WWDC 2018 take place?

WWDC 2018 started on 4th June and ended on 8th June. The keynote presentation for WWDC took place on 4th June at 10 am (PT). The venue was McEnery Convention center which is same as the last year’s WWDC event. Apple live streamed the event on Youtube. The company even posted a complete video after the WWDC event was over. You can still watch it by clicking here: Watch WWDC keynote event 

What did Apple announce at WWDC 2018?

Apple usually uses the WWDC event to introduce next version of their operating system. These include iOS, Watch OS, Tv OS and Mac OS. And this year was no exception. Apple announced some great enhancements in iOS 12 and the latest Mac OS update. You will get to know about them in the next section of top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018. However, no physical products were announced. So, people who were looking for iPhone SE2 launch, they need to hold their horses for the next Apple event.

According to Apple, all the major software updates will be out to the public in fall or autumn. However, people can still access developer beta versions available after the keynote. These updates include iOS 12, Watch OS 5, Mac OS Mojave and TvOS 12. So are you excited? if yes, then let’s discuss the top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018

Top 5 Announcements from WWDC 2018 Event

Apple announced a lot of big news in their latest WWDC event. However, we picked out the top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018 event. We are sure you will love them, as Apple has done a really great job of delivering their best!

1. New iOS 12 for iPhone & iPad

Great news for iPhone users! Apple recently announced their iOS 12 presentation in WWDC event. According to them, the main focus of iOS 12 is to improve performance in iOS devices. This will help Apple to grow back the reputation which they lost with all the glitches in iOS 11. We think this is the most important news as Apple is mainly famous for their iPhones. So we included it as the no. 1 announcement in our list of top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018 event.

One more good news! iOS 12 will run on every device which is currently running on iOS 12. These include all the devices ranging between iPhone 5s and iPhone X including iPhone SE as well.

2. New iOS 12 Features

Further adding to this, Apple also added more to the current Augmented Reality kit, named as ARKit 2. This kit uses a new file format with .usdz extension. These AR files can be shared actively among iPhone users across various devices so that they can enjoy AR experience in their daily life. Apple demonstrated the compatibility and integration of new ARKit 2 features with a glimpse of measuring app which can measure dimensions of objects and furniture. These updates make it worth to list them in our list of top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018 event.

Another great feature of iOS 12 is the shared AR environments. By using this, two or more iPhone users can play AR games. This enables the True multiplayer experience. They even demonstrated this with a live demo based on Lego set, which quickly became interactive with multiplayer AR environment.

iOS 12 and Siri – Perfect blast!

Also, they didn’t forget about our beloved personal assistant, Siri! Now Siri supports app shortcuts and allows new phrases of your choice. You can link functionality to them as you like. You can even design a custom action, and Siri will work accordingly. Getting quick information like Sports scores, playing soothing songs for meditation was never so easy before! Siri will now also suggest apps based on your user behavior. This includes things like suggesting you to turn on the Do not disturb button at movies, or wishing your uncle on their birthday.

Apple also working on smartphone addiction where it will tell users that how much time they are using their smartphone on. You can even assign time for each app so that you can keep your smartphone using time intact!

3. Mac OS Mojave

This is one of the biggest changes in Mac OS from quite a time lately. So we thought to keep it as no. 2 in our list of top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018 event. The new Mac OS version is called Mojave. Im not sure where they got the name, but anyways. The new version’s main feature is the dark theme which enables a user to focus more on productivity. It is also a very good option for people who spend a lot of time in front of their screens.

This dark theme includes changing the colors of the menu, UI colors and wallpaper colored according to Time. Now it is easier to stack desktop icons and files clutter into stacks. It will allow you to sort your desktop files into stacks of type or date. Easy and neat! These features are worth sharing as the Top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018 event.

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Another cool feature which you will love is the built-in image editing. Now you can directly save a photo from your iPhone with your Mac. Now other then that, there are few security-related features which will help you to protect your privacy while browsing the internet.

4. Watch OS 5

Now Watch OS also got some pretty severe upgrades. New Watch OS is loaded with new features. Now you can even set a competition with your friends for activity and fitness in new Watch OS 5. Another big one is the walkie-talkie feature which allows you to send short voice messages to other apple watch users. These messages are sent through WiFi, text messages or even phone calls.

Now there are some minor upgrades which make it worth to share in our list of top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018. These include the support for Siri shortcuts, third-party apps. More interactive notifications, several improvements in Podcasts app. Now you can also activate Siri by raising the watch, without saying Hey Siri!

5. TvOS

TvOS also got some minor updates this year. Now it supports Apple 4k TV. And Apple announced the support with Dolby Atmos this year. Now this means that you can enjoy a whole range of Atmos content on Apple TV now.

So, guys, these are top 5 announcements from WWDC 2018. We hope that you will love this update given by Apple. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.