MediaTek to Start Shipping Helio M70 With 5G Connectivity in 2019

helio m70 with 5g connectivity

Summary: Mediatek is well known for manufacturing the chips for Budget Oriented Smartphones. But, that might change pretty soon as the MediaTek has decided to beat Qualcomm Snapdragon in their own game. MediaTek would start shipping the Helio M70 chip which is designed especially for the upcoming surge of 5G Devices. We might see a lot of OEMs going with the MediaTek’s Chipsets in 2019. This is due to the fact that how affordable they are. Read the whole article to learn more about the MediaTek’s Helio M70 With 5G Connectivity.

Main Article: If you are someone who has been using an Android Device for quite a while now, then the chances are that at some point of time, you must have owned a Smartphone with a MediaTek Chipset under the hood.

MediaTek to Start Shipping Helio M70 With 5G Connectivity in 2019

MediaTek is well known among OEMs for their budget range Smartphones. But, due to the increasing demands of users, more and more OEMs are now boycotting the use of MediaTek chipsets and are instead going with the Qualcomm Snapdragon even for their budget range devices. This has made the game quite difficult for the MediaTek.

So, they finally decided to head over the Qualcomm Snapdragon by announcing that they would start shipping the Helio M70 With 5G Connectivity from January 2019. This means that in 2019, we would be able to see more Budget Oriented 5G Devices with a MediaTek chipset lying under the hood. Talking about the Helio M70, this chip would be based on MediaTek’s New Architecture with the SMC’s Advanced 7nm Process which seems quite promising.

The Company’s CEO Rick Tsai said that the MediaTek is making full use of its IPs, patents and the technologies to bring the best experience of 5G and AI to its consumers. We will accelerate the shipments for the Helio M70 in the year 2020-2022 – the CEO added.

Final Verdict

Well, Are MediaTek SOCs better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon?- you might ask. To be very honest, Not yet. But they are indeed quite affordable than the Qualcomm Snapdragon. This enables the OEMs to cut down the cost of their Smartphones. Hence, making it more affordable for the ultimate users.

All and all, it seems like MediaTek is not going to disappoint the consumers this time. Well, what do you guys think about the upcoming Helio M70? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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