RAMpage Security Exploit on Android is basically a variation of the Rowhammer attack and makes use of ION subsystem to start the attack. It writes and refreshes a particular row of bits. This is done within the physical memory to flip a bit in the adjoining row. The process allows one application to avail access to another application’s data. It may even permit that application to gain the full control. There is no need to worry much. This is because the attacker couldn’t know what bit is about to be flipped. It is true that random luck exists. However, such odds are very low.

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RAMpage Security Exploit on AndroidThe recent security exploits which influence millions of Android devices is RAMpage. It is a variant of earlier attacks using Rowhammer hardware vulnerability to run malicious code. This is accomplished by modifying what’s stored within your RAM. Moreover, it owns capability of data loss and allows unauthorized access. RAMpage exploit provides malicious app complete control of your Android phone. A person using RAMpage can get into your Android phone to obtain the control.

How does RAMpage Security Exploit happen?

In simple terms, RAMpage is a variation of the Rowhammer attack. The Rowhammer is basically a hardware bug. This bug happens whenever an attacker directs several read/write requests. The requests direct to the same row of memory cells. Such repeated requests generate an electrical field. This electric field can change the data found in adjacent memory cells.

RAMpage implements the ION subsystem to commence the attack. ION is basically a universal generic memory management system. Google adds the system to the Android kernel, within Ice Cream Sandwich. When RAMpage attacks ION subsystem, it makes it write and refresh a row of bits. This write process is done inside the physical memory. The process intends to flip a bit within the adjacent row. Ultimately, it enables an application to obtain access to data of another application.

Furthermore, it also enables the application to function as the system administrator. Thus, that application will gain complete control. When these things happen, RAMpage Security Exploit on Android is confirmed.

It gets control of Secret Information:

RAMpage splits the fundamental isolation between the operating systems and user applications. Applications cannot read data from other applications. A malicious program could make RAMpage exploit to avail administrative control. It can get control of secrets saved in the device.

RAMpage Security Exploit on Android

In this manner, an application could receive admin level privileges. These privileges allow access to other application’s data. The same is not probable in common scenarios. Retrieval of confidential information like documents, images, messages, etc. is possible.  It can also gain access to passwords from a browser or a password manager. The access of confidential information implies RAMpage Security Exploit on Android.

Should you be worried?

Every Android device manufactured since 2012 makes use of the ION subsystem. These devices have DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 RAM. Moreover, they are potentially vulnerable as well. The knowledge regarding RAMpage Security Exploit on Android and corresponding Rowhammer attacks is important to get.

Use of a Rowhammer attack to accomplish a particular thing is not possible. It is easy to attack a single row of bits in a RAM module. The process is easy until a bit within an adjacent row changes. The Android operating system comes with built-in protections. There is no precise place in memory for any task to write. The important thing to keep in mind is the whole thing is random.

An attacker could not find the particular bit to modify. He/she even does not know what it would finally do. The typical Android smartphone having 32GB memory capacity comes with 32 billion bits. This is identical to a game of roulette with a wheel. The wheel incorporates 32 billion slots to allow the ball to fall in. The possibilities of existence of random luck do exist. However, such possibilities are too low.

What do you need to know?

You must be completely aware of RAMpage Security Exploit on Android because it does come with security concerns. Concerns are related to exploitation of confidential info on the Android system. There is no need to worry about RAMpage Security Exploit on Android if you only install apps from a reliable source like Google Play. After that, you can continue as normal.

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