Instagram was Down All Over the World Last Night!

Instagram was down for almost 5-6 minutes and it created a chaos over other social media platforms!

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Main Story: Instagram is Down Right Now (12:15 AM, July 14th, 2018)

Popular social media platform Instagram is down from the last few minutes.

The news is verified by our own team. It looks like the problem is with Instagram’s servers. When opening the site it loads with a “5xx Server Error” message. It appears a huge server failure has caused the problem. However, it is quite odd, as backup servers should have handled the issue.

The Facebook-owned social media platform is down all over the world right now as reports from other sources confirm as well. Many users have shared the same news on their Facebook and Twitter handles as well. Below is a screenshot by our team which shows the error.

Instagram is Down

Update: It looks like the servers are now up in some places.

Update 2: People have started reporting that the social media platform has started working as normal in most places.

Story Update: Instagram was Down All Over the World Last Night!

As reported by users and verified by our team, popular social media platform Instagram was down for approximately 7 to 8 mins last night. The outage was caused due to a server failure.

As per, this is the third outage this week for a Facebook firm as both Facebook app and Messenger were also down over the last two days. However, the issue with Instagram was more likely a global issue. Many users commented on Down Detector that the platform was down in Brazil, India, USA, and most of Europe.

During the outage period, users of the social media platform shared their displeasure due to the server failure on Facebook and Twitter. We at Tech Hundred were unable to load the website or refresh the app. However, a few lucky people were able to load the app without any issue. We tried to reach Instagram regarding the issue, however, till now we have not received any response from them yet.

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This article was last updated at 08:35 PM on July 14th, 2018.