If you are using CCleaner software be careful because of CCleaner hacked by hackers. As a result, CCleaner can damage the Android phones and PCs of millions of users through.

ccleaner hacked

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a cleaning app. Its clean Android phone’s users and Windows PC users unnecessary junk file. It is also used as an anti-virus.

Most users use the CCleaner app to protect their computer from viruses.This app deletes the system’s cache and removes junk files.

Users use it to keep the computer safe. But now the hackers have created the CCleaner app hacking tool. Hackers have injected a malware into this app.

ccleaner hacked

The Threat:

Piriform, the developer of CCleaner now owned by security firm Avast, says that its download servers were compromised at some point between 15 August, when it released version v5.33.6162 of the software, and 12 September, when it updated the servers with a new version.

ccleaner hacked

The breach was independently discovered by Cisco’s Talos Intelligence. The research team, who notified Piriform on 13 September, one day after the clean version of the software had been released in a regularly scheduled update.

Hackers have successfully breached CCleaner’s security to inject malware into the app and distribute it to millions of users.

CCleaner has more than 2 billion downloads according to Avast, making it a popular target for hackers.

ccleaner hacked

The company says 2.27m users were infected but added that “we believe that these users are safe now as our investigation indicates we were able to disarm the threat before it was able to do any harm”.

What Does The Malware Do?

This malware stole the user’s information like IP address, computer name, list of software and network place etc. As well as information about credit card and security etc.

What To Do?

If your phone has 5.33.6162 version of this app then you may have trouble. Uninstall it immediately. This can steal your information.

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