Windows Phone 8 users have to say good bye to WhatsApp and Groove Music

With 2018 get ready to say goodbye to WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 and Groove Music

Groove and WhatsApp

As we said bye to 2017, Some Windows Phone user has to say bye to WhatsApp. Not just WhatsApp but Microsoft has also announced that 31 Dec 2017 will be the last day for accessing Groove Music Pass. As for WhatsApp, the company announced that it is ending support for older devices which included the good old Windows Phone 8 as well.Groove and WhatsAppAs you look at Microsoft’s past, you will notice that Microsoft has never been in good relationships with its music app. In 2006, Zune was the first Mp3 Player launched by Microsoft. But unfortunately, Zune was one of the biggest flops for the company. What came next was even worst. After Zune Microsoft introduced Zune Music Pass which was similar to Apple Music or Google Play Music. Later in 2011, Microsoft discontinued the Zune Player as they found some problem with the player.

After Zune in the same year, Microsoft moved Zune service to Xbox Music and Xbox Video. For digital media content delivery. Xbox Music and Video were made available on Windows 8 PCs and Xbox consoles. Microsoft also made them available to users on Windows Phone. Later, in November 2015, Microsoft completely discontinued Zune Music and transferred all its Subscribers to Groove Music. And At last, as we move to 2018, Microsoft is retiring Groove Music. And all the subscribers will be moved to Spotify.

Groove will continue to exist on your devices but users won’t be able to use Music Pass. Users will still be able to play songs from their local drive or from OneDrive. If you use Groove today, you can see that you are able to download the songs and store it in OneDrive but you will be unable to access the songs.Groove and WhatsAppThis was all about Groove. But talking about WhatsApp, the company said that due to the lack of users they won’t support old platforms and urged users to upgrade in order to use their service. So we finally said goodbye to both Groove Music and WhatsApp. Let’s see what next the Microsoft is coming with.