Instagram to come with portrait camera mode

Instagram’s code reveals a potential portrait camera mode

Instagram Portrait mode

Instagram will now allow you to click a picture in your new favorite portrait mode. Instagram is one of the most popular social media’s. It is popular because they are consistent with providing updates and new and amazing features to the users. A long time after enabling its users with the Direct message feature, Analysis of Instagram’s Android application package (APK) shows the app has a hidden portrait camera mode buried within its code, reports TechCrunch.

The report says that the APK reveals a portrait shutter icon that looks like it would be incorporated into Instagram’s camera. Which already has functions like boomerang and superzoom. This feature might come just as a filter which will blur the background for you. Or to access the feature you would presumably launch Instagram’s camera and swipe to the corresponding mode.

We already have devices like iPhone X and Pixel 2 which have a dedicated portrait mode on their cameras. So this would be a nifty tool if Instagram made it available to older devices without this function.

instagram Portrait mode
via TechCrunch

This new feature report was dug up by Ishan Agrawal, who recently also found a hidden voice and video calling features in Instagram’s code last week.  If Instagram does release this mode, it will make it even more attractive to use than rival Snapchat. As people around the world use Instagram more than Snapchat, so this new feature might take a huge user base of Snapchat. Also, we are not seeing some new interesting changes in Snapchat whereas Instagram is improving a lot day-by-day. Given that Snapchat’s recent redesign has also been met with confusion and anger, this might be another nail in the coffin if Instagram can make portrait mode straightforward and fun to use. Saying all this there is no news when and how these new features are going to launch. Let’s hope soon.

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