Top 5 Smartphones Expected to come with Built-in in-display Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo has already launched a smartphone (Vivo X20) with in-display fingerprint sensor. Find out which brands are next to launch a phone with in-display fingerprint sensor.

in-display fingerprint sensor

A lot of rumors are out about how Apple on Samsung will manage to shift the fingerprint sensor in order to get that beautiful full body screen ration. Nevertheless, Vivo has done it already! They implemented a CMOS sensor (it senses the fingerprint) into an OLED display. The sensor works just fine and its speedy enough to the current average fingerprint sensors. So there’s a high chance we might see a few more smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensor coming this year. So let us get to know this in-display fingerprint sensor works.

The new in-display fingerprint sensor

The new in-display fingerprint sensor which we have seen in the latest Vivo smartphone in CES 2018 uses a new Synaptics optical sensor. This sensor is being in developing stage for years, and it finally came out with the new Vivo flagship smartphone. Apparently, it works just like as any other modern day fingerprint sensor. The only difference is that now it works under the screen! So now smartphone manufacturers can implement this Clear ID sensor into their new smartphones.

The working of the new Clear ID sensor is simple but also complicated at the same time. It uses LED lights to enlight the fingerprint and then scans it through the gaps between the pixels from the OLED display. We cant use LCDs here as they need a backlight. It is possible that this new in-display fingerprint sensor will make its way to the new iPhone or Samsung flagships.

Top 5 smartphones expected to come with a built-in in-display fingerprint sensor:

As we all know that Vivo dropped its new smartphone with an in-built in-display fingerprint sensor which works just fine. So let’s get to know some probabilities which might be there in coming up flagships this year. Let’s get excited!!

1. Samsung Galaxy X

It is quite obvious that this new in-display fingerprint sensor won’t make its way to the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. As it already got announced and sadly, it’s having a fingerprint at the back as usual. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be coming into Samsung flagships. It is rumored that Samsung is working with Synaptics to make the sensor faster. After making it more faster and reliable, Samsung is going to implement it in their best Flagship. We don’t the name of that flagship yet, but let us just say it Samsung Galaxy X.

2. OnePlus 6

The new one plus one 6 is about to launch as early as March this year. Its rumored to have the new Cmos Sensor under its display. Furthermore, its expected to have a similar 3D camera setup which iPhone X uses.

3. Essential Phone

Essential Phone was the first phone to completely remove the bezels around the screen. With the new technology, its believed that Essential Phone 2 will come with the in-display fingerprint sensor to facilitate a sleek design.

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4. Xiaomi X1

There aren’t any rumors going in for the new Xiaomi smartphone. However, it’s more likely to have the in-display fingerprint sensor. The name of the smartphone isn’t decided yet, but let us just say its Xiaomi X1

5. Vivo Apex

Vio Apex is a very promising smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor built inside the OLED screen panel. With the current leaks and specs, it’s clear that the Sensor is built for the size of half of the screen. Which means users can unlock the phone by pressing anywhere on the screen. Furthermore, Vivo decided to go compete for bezel-less by removing the front camera.

So, Guys, these are the smartphones which might come this year with the latest Cmos sensor to facilitate in-display fingerprint sensor. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comment section below.