Xiaomi Launches Mi Router 4Q in China

Mi Router 4Q

Summary: Xiaomi keeps on surprising us with various releases of gadgets and smartphones. This time, Xiaomi has released a new product called Mi Router 4Q silently. This product has various key features consisting its hardware and looks. As we all know, most of the Xiaomi products are budget-oriented devices which provide value for money as compared to other mainstream companies like Samsung/ Apple which focuses on costly devices most of the times. This product is currently just released in China for 15$ (Rs. 1050) and no official announcement has been made about the Global release. Read the full article to learn more.

Main Article: The tech Giant, Xiaomi has taken another step to defeat their market rivals by releasing the new “Mi Router 4Q” in their homeland. The router is currently made available only in China on the Xiaomi’s own ‘Youpin’ platform.

Xiaomi Launches Mi Router 4Q in China

As we all know, Xiaomi is not like other mainstream companies which provide products having generic design and high prices. Instead, Xiaomi always focuses on the aesthetics of their products. Their main area of attention is to lower the prices of their products to expand their consumer base. In this case, Xiaomi took a step further to make this router look a little bit attractive by giving it the blue hue shade all over. This means, if the regular black or white face of the router is a deal breaker for you, look no further, Xiaomi took care of that as well.

Features of Xiaomi Router 4Q

Following are the key features of Router 4Q:

  • This router consists of three dual-band antennas. Mi Router 4Q has the MIMO technology which enables the user to communicate with the router at faster speeds. The bandwidth capability is 450 Mbps for each antenna, supporting the 802.11n wireless protocol which makes it one of the fastest budget router.
  • The main point of attraction with the Mi Router 4Q is the “MiNet Button”. This button has a significant feature. This button enables the user to connect to a WiFi network without actually going through the harassment of typing the password. This is basically the ‘WPS’ function, just a little more secure according to Xiaomi standards.
  • The router comes with the Qualcomm QCA9561 chip out of the box which is clocked at 775MHz provided with 64MB of RAM. These specs are a little bit below the level of its predecessor, Mi Router 4. But it is surely better than the router version “3C” which is currently being sold in India having MT7628N Processor & 64MB RAM.

As the device has just launched, many of its key features might be revealed in the near future.

Mi Router 4Q Price

As Xiaomi always pays attention to keep their products low priced and high value for money. The number of consumers this product will attract will be quite large. This is because the product is priced at just around 99 Yuan which is just 15$ (or Rs. 1050). The price tag is similar to router 3C which comes for Rs 999.

So, this was our take on Xiaomi Launches Mi Router 4Q in China. Let us know your thoughts on Mi Router 4Q in the comments section down below.

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